Adventure Aquarium Announces ‘Save the Frogs’ Weekend

Adventure Aquarium Announces ‘Save the Frogs’ Weekend

Adventure Aquarium Announces ‘Save the Frogs’ Weekend

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In celebration of Save the Frogs Day (April 26) and Earth Day (April 22), Adventure Aquarium will host Save the Frogs weekend on April 26-27. The weekend marks the conclusion of Frogs: Nature’s Messenger, an incredible exhibit that highlights amazing, colorful amphibians from all over the world. Engaging and interactive activities throughout the weekend will help raise money for the Save The Frogs Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting amphibian populations and promoting an appreciation and respect of nature and wildlife.

Here is a sampling of activities going on during Save the Frogs weekend:

  • Guests will get an up close and personal encounter with popular frogs and amphibians on exhibit like the red-eyed tree frog and the waxy monkey frog. Frog animal encounters will be regularly scheduled throughout the weekend.
  • Guests will learn from interactive frog talks about metamorphosis, poison in frogs, frogs in our backyards and how we can protect frogs in nature.
  • Guests can enter a special frog hop contest where the last contestant standing will win Adventure Aquarium prizes.

Frogs: Nature’s Messenger features more than 20 exotic species of frogs and amphibians and educates guests on the vital role frogs play as an indicator of environmental change. Guests have one last chance to come face-to-face with frogs of all types, sizes and vivid colors — from the beautiful red-eyed tree frog, with eyes that, scientists believe, evolved into their stunning color to give their predators a moment of pause, to the tiny but memorable poison dart frog and the massive African bullfrog.

“Frogs may be small, but the role they play in predicting the health of the environment is huge,” said Kevin Keppel, Executive Director of Adventure Aquarium. “The importance of protecting frog populations can’t be understated. They are an integral part of the earth. We’re proud to do our part to help and have fun along the way with Save the Frogs weekend.”

Come out to Adventure Aquarium before Frogs: Nature’s Messenger hops away on April 27.


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