PRESS RELEASE: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Uses Responsive Web Design for New Animal Guide

PRESS RELEASE: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Uses Responsive Web Design for New Animal Guide

PRESS RELEASE: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Uses Responsive Web Design for New Animal Guide

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The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has teamed up with Columbus based creative agency Fine Citizens to launch the second generation of its Animal Guide. Leveraging CSS3 and jQuery, Fine Citizens designed and developed the Animal Guide to be fully responsive. Responsive web design is a technique that adjusts website images and content to fit the browser size of the device, making for an enjoyable experience from the largest desktop monitor to the smallest smartphone.

Mobile traffic on the Columbus Zoo’s website increased 46.99% (including tablets) over the last year. In 2012, 1 in every 5 visits to the Zoo’s site was from a mobile device. “That number can only increase as mobile Internet use surpasses that of desktops,” comments Marketing Coordinator for Fine Citizens, Julianna White. “To be relevant in today’s world, companies need to have a mobile presence. Going responsive with the Animal Guide will make it easier on the Zoo staff by only needing to manage the content on one URL, and it engages zoo patrons who can now easily pull up information on animals while right in from of them,” she adds. The Animal Guide is an interactive learning tool found on the Columbus Zoo’s website ( through the “Meet Our Animals” page. It offers detailed information about many of the animals at the zoo, including pictures, conservation efforts, dietary habits, unique traits and geographic location both in the wild and at the Zoo, among others facts.

The new site takes advantage of the growing image heavy content trend made popular by social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. The new Animal Guide is fresh and playful with large images, a lighter color scheme and custom illustrations and animations. It’s easy to navigate and includes more animals and information categories.


“We hope the new design will win over our guests with its user-friendly navigation, fantastic look, fun imagery and educational content,” says Jennifer Wilson, Director of Communications for the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The first generation of the Animal Guide, along with the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium’s sister companies’ sites, was designed in partnership with Fine Citizens. The redesign of the Animal Guide is just the first phase of a larger initiative for the Zoo, which plans to update its public facing web presence in the years to come.

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About Fine Citizens, LLC
Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Fine Citizens is an interactive marketing agency comprised of driven,
talented artists and technical specialists of distinct backgrounds who produce highly-creative, highly-innovative
multimedia products for a wide array of clients.
Fine Citizens aspires to create dynamic interactive brand experiences for its clients that inspire, excite and stretch the imagination. Never stale, never canned, each end-product is completely custom-designed for each intended purpose and individual client. Since no two clients are alike, no two products are designed to be alike; rather each is a distinctive piece of innovative art that best reflects the desired message of the individual client.
Their current clientele spans two continents and 16 states including Abercrombie & Fitch, Abbott Nutrition, Battelle, Limited Brands, McGraw-Hill and Wendy’s International.

About the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is home to more than 10,000 animals representing over 575 species from around the globe. The Zoo complex is a recreational and education destination that includes the 22-acre Zoombezi Bay water park and 18-hole Safari Golf Club. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium also operates the Wilds, a 10,000-acre conservation center and safari park located in southeastern Ohio. The Zoo is a regional attraction with global impact; contributing more than $1 million annually to support over 70 conservation projects worldwide. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Columbus Zoo has earned Charity Navigator’s prestigious 4-star rating.


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