Press Release: Education at Georgia Aquarium

Press Release: Education at Georgia Aquarium

Press Release: Education at Georgia Aquarium

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Despite growing controversy over marine mammal captivity, Atlanta’s Georgia Aquarium seeks to obtain eighteen wild cetaceans from Russia.’s Alex L Lewis and Free the Atlanta 11′s Becky Pugh will be at the dolphinarium this coming Saturday, July 21 to hopefully educate the pedestrians on the evils of captivity.

The following is from the event’s Facebook page that was started by Miss Lewis:

We are having a peaceful protest , on the street of the GA Aquarium in July. In light of the news that the Aquarium are trying to import 18 wild beluga’s that have already been captured in Russia. We are going to bring about some awareness to the general public about this potentially awful situation.

If you are unable to make the event in person, select “maybe” so that you can still see updates and info. Also, please sign this petition and share it as much as possible!

Signs: Please make and bring your own signs. None mounted on sticks or poles. We’ll have some extras. So definitely come sans sign.

Brochures: We’re going to provide information to the public about beluga whales, their life versus their captivity. You might want to give out brochures instead of hold signs.

Parking: Lots of parking around. Hint: don’t park at the Georgia Aquarium lot and contribute to whale captivity.

Pictures and video: Bring your cameras and video cameras. Record lots. I’ll tell you how to share. We’d like to record enough footage for a fantabulous video about why this import should not be allowed to occur.

Georgia Aquarium, 225 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30313




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